100% Off-Grid Homesteading in a Hand Built Pioneer Log Cabin

Off grid homesteading
Off grid homesteading

100% off-grid homesteading in a pioneer log cabin – Doug and Stacey live a sustainable off grid lifestyle in Missouri on a 11 acre homestead. The cabin is hand built and they live with no electricity or modern conveniences. They are totally and completely off the grid and loving their life. They collect rainwater for their gravity fed water system and they grow their own food. Check out their Youtube channel OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY to see more great off grid videos

Doug and Stacy live the off grid lifestyle others only dream of. In my opinion this is the ultimate off grid life to live completely off the grid without any electrical power or municipal city utilities whatsoever.

The grow their own fruits and veggies in the garden and raise their own livestock for food. Could you live this way? Would you want to live the primitively like this? Do you consider this primitive living? I’m not sure this is primitive. They have their own land and cabin, and provide for themselves. They are self reliant.

If the SHTF and the system collapses they are prepared because they’re doing now what they would be doing anyway in the event of a collapse. Their lives wouldn’t change much at all, except for maybe security would become more of a priority.

The Apocalypse aside, Doug and Stacy live the off grid dream that many millions of people aspire to build for themselves.

100% Off Grid

To be completely disconnected from the grid, unplugged from society and the crazy world of overpriced products and rampant over-leveraged consumerism is by all accounts what all homesteaders want.

The quintessential off grid homestead is real and it’s not just a dream because Doug and Stacy live that dream on a daily basis.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful little homestead?


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