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100% Off-Grid Homesteading in a Hand Built Pioneer Log Cabin

Off grid homesteading
100% off-grid homesteading in a pioneer log cabin - Doug and Stacey live a sustainable off grid lifestyle in Missouri on a 11 acre homestead. The cabin is hand built and they live with no electricity or modern conveniences. They are totally and completely off the grid and loving their life. They collect rainwater for their gravity fed water...

What Does it Mean To ‘Live Off The Grid’?

What does it mean to live off the grid
Living off the grid means living sustainably growing your own food generating your own energy and building your own shelter. Self reliance and freedom. But what does living off the grid really mean? Living off the grid has multiple definitions. Generally speaking it means being disconnected from the municipal power grid. In most simplistic terms it means not being...

How to Build an Off Grid Cabin for $5k

off grid cabin build debt free
How to Build an Off Grid Cabin for $5k - Live off the grid and build your own cabin. Here's an awesome video of how to build your own off grid cabin for $5k. Lots of hard work went into building this cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Shawn James goes into detail about the tools and equipment, work and...

How To Build a Simple Off Grid Cabin For $500 – No Permit Needed!

How To Build a Simple Off Grid Cabin For $500 - So you want to build your own off grid cabin in the woods somewhere far away from the crazy world we live in. You want to find a nice little place in the mountains to setup your own little homestead, build your own cabin, grow your own food...

4 Biggest Reasons Not To Get a Mortgage To Move Off Grid!

off grid land and cabin
Don't get a mortgage! Don't go into debt just to move off the grid. If you want to move off grid you've most likely considered getting a mortgage or are saving for the 20% down payment it's going to cost you to buy your off grid land. But what you might not realize is that while you're saving your...

Off Grid Site | How to Live Off the Grid

Off Grid Cabin in The Mountains
.OffGridSite.com is all about living off the grid, solar power, wind power, sustainable living, renewable energy, gardening, homesteading, and building your own off grid cabin. We know you're looking for quality content, how-to's, informative, fun and educational off grid information. If you enjoy growing your own food, preserving and canning at home, raising your own livestock for food, living...

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